Conveyor Belt Edge Sealing Machine

- Jan 11, 2019-

What is the conveyor belt used in the edge banding machine?

The wide application of conveyor belts is used in all walks of life. Some automation industries are inseparable from conveyor belts, which can replace a large number of labor and improve efficiency. The furniture edge banding machine belt is a kind of product in the machinery industry. The furniture edge banding can be seen in our life, but many people know how to seal it, and the function is not understood. Now let us spread the knowledge to everyone. .

The furniture edge banding machine belt is a kind of PVC material, generally 1.0, 1.5 thickness and two are used more. The quality of manual edge sealing, durability, and aesthetics are not as good as the automatic edge sealing of the machine. After all, the manual edge sealing is not enough. It is smooth and even, and it is easy to have uneven pressure or different appearances. So buy furniture, try to buy the machine edge, do not greet the price.


A commonly used method of processing the edges of modern furniture components. Mainly the decorative process of the edge of the particleboard furniture board. If you use a thin wood to stick the edge of the board, it will play a certain decorative role. It can be sealed by manual or automatic edge banding machine, or it can be sealed by hand. No matter which one, the procedure of edge sealing is: the edge of the edge or the edge band is glued - the edge band is pressed on the edge of the board - Excess edge sealing - double edge trimming on both sides - trimming, for automatic edge banding machine, milling edge, tracking trimming, scraping, polishing and other functions. The most important part of the edge banding is that the edge of the plate should be straight. There should be no steps caused by the misalignment of the table saw blade. It should be pressed tightly, otherwise it is easy to produce gaps between the edge band and the edge of the plate. Special glue for edge banding. It is not recommended to use universal glue. It is easy to fall off when exposed to heat.

In summary, we have made a detailed introduction to the role of the furniture edge banding machine belt, hoping to help everyone.