Conveyor Belt Earth

- Jan 14, 2019-

The wind is a conveyor belt over the earth. It blows the dust of the mainland to the ocean and blows the water vapor of the ocean to the mainland. When sand and water vapor meet, they can be combined into clouds and eventually turned into precipitation. However, in the past 100 years, sandstorms have become a major disaster affecting human production and life. The materials that constitute sandstorms in China are mostly from arid and semi-arid grassland areas. Under the intervention of human activities, especially due to large-scale deforestation, excessive land reclamation, blind construction of factories, uncontrolled emissions, resulting in ecological changes; deserts where deserts originally existed; deserts without deserts; The Lu River process is shortened, the water volume is reduced, and the marshes disappear: the green corridors on both sides of the river wither and die. In this way, sandstorms from the northwest are also supplemented by new sandstorms on bare ground along the way, and mixed with harmful components emitted by industrial and mining enterprises and pathogens from livestock manure in the grasslands. In short, after being disturbed by human factors, the wind erosion rate in nature is far greater than the speed of soil formation, and a series of disasters are generated.