Conveyor Belt Dryer

- Jan 08, 2019-

product description

Teflon high temperature resistant cloth, also known as Teflon conveyor belt or Teflon high temperature cloth conveyor belt.

It is made of high-quality imported glass fiber as woven material, plain, twill, satin or other weave woven into glass fiber cloth substrate, and then fully impregnated and coated with high-quality Teflon resin through unique process technology. Production of various thicknesses of Teflon high temperature cloth conveyor belt - Teflon high temperature cloth conveyor belt.

According to the different materials and processing technology, our company provides Teflon high temperature resistant cloth conveyor belt with different grades of antistatic and insulation, high surface quality and high tensile strength - Teflon high temperature cloth conveyor belt.


Conveyor belt extensionNeed to tighten/
Unbalanced balance on both sides of the conveyor beltNeed to recalibrateNote that when adjusting, you can only point the conveyor belt and observe the adjustment effect in time to prevent the belt side from squeezing the damaged belt edge and jamming on the frame. If the card is dead, you have to loosen the tension and bring the artificial board to the middle position.
Conveyor belt with loose or loose cardNeed to be replaced/
V-type roller side bracket is subject to accidental impact shiftNeed to recalibrateIf the conveyor with fixed bracket is used, this is not possible, but the fixing bracket cannot correct the local deviation of the conveyor belt.
The frame is deformed by severe impactThis fault is not easy to occur. Once it happens, the conveyor belt needs to be re-adjusted as a whole./
Conveyor belt is severely wornNeed to be replaced/
product details



Teflon high temperature cloth conveyor belt

Chemical resistance

High strength, no burning

Smooth, anti-stick, dirt-resistant, easy to clean

High temperature resistance, 24-hour conventional temperature resistance up to 260 degrees, can reach more than 300 degrees, used in various drying machinery conveyor belts, adhesive tapes, sealing tapes, etc.