Conveyor Belt Dimensions

- Jan 07, 2019-


The picture above is a picture of a conveyor, then our conveyor needs to be equipped with a conveyor belt to transport the material. Now the industry is developed, the conveyors are customized according to the customer's production requirements, so each conveyor The size of the conveyors produced by the machine manufacturers are different. The size of our matching conveyor belts is also different. Since the conveyor belts are customized products, there will be no standard width. All widths are directly based on your The width of the equipment is custom-made and can be done in any width, but a width of more than 4 meters will have a special processing technique (re-spinning). All ultra-wide conveyor belts can also be used.


There are also many types of conveyor belts:

According to the different environments, it is divided into ordinary conveyor belts (common type, heat-resistant type, flame-retardant type, anti-burning type, acid-base type, oil-resistant type), heat-resistant conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistance. Conveyor belts, oil-resistant conveyor belts, food conveyor belts and other models. Among them, ordinary conveyor belt and food conveying are made of PVC, PU and silica gel; heat-resistant conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt, acid-base conveyor belt and oil-resistant conveyor belt can be selected according to the specific conditions of the use environment.