Conveyor Belt Diagram

- Jan 09, 2019-

About conveyor belt drawings and conveyor belt designs

      In fact, when it comes to conveyor belt drawings, many of them are very common for us to make conveyor belts, because more professional buyers will have the corresponding conveyor belt drawings provided by their company's technical department. If you can't find a conveyor belt supplier to help design. For the convenience of post-purchasing, as for the design of the conveyor belt, it mainly depends on the design of the conveyor equipment, because the manufacturers of the conveyor belt will not produce the conveyor equipment, the conveyor belts are customized according to the size of the conveyor equipment, and the conveyor belt is free of charge. Design, conveyor belt selection and so on.


1. About conveyor belt structure

     When it comes to the conveyor belt structure, insiders know that the conveyor belt is made up of a combination of a cloth layer and a PVC layer. The multi-layer processing process achieves the bonding effect, so it is divided into several cloths, and the Miou conveyor belt is glued from one cloth to one. To Liubu Liujiao are in stock, and support other custom-made materials, the surface is PVC layer, or PU layer, can also be customized as never, the bottom is nylon cloth layer, can be customized for PVC layer, the surface can be customized for various patterns,


2, on the principle of conveyor belt

       The principle of the conveyor belt is simply that it is driven by two rollers to drive the conveyor belt flat conveyor belt and the climbing conveyor belt. One rolling is the driving wheel, the motor is used to guide the power, the other roller is used for the tensioning, and the middle part is mostly smooth. Stainless steel plane, specific parameters, please consult the corresponding conveyor equipment manufacturers, Miou will not do too many answers for everyone.