Conveyor Belt Design Manual

- Jan 08, 2019-

"DTII Belt Conveyor Design Manual" is a book published by the Metallurgical Industry Press in 2003. The author is Zhang. [1] 

This book is the guide book for belt conveyor design, calculation and selection with the whole machine design and system design as the main line. It is divided into 18 chapters. The first chapter introduces the product series of DTII (A) belt conveyor; the second chapter introduces the design elements of the belt conveyor; the third chapter introduces the design and calculation of the belt conveyor; Chapter introduces the principle of component selection; Chapter 5 introduces the design principles of the belt conveyor system; Chapters 6 to 10 introduce the main component spectrum; Chapter 11 introduces the safety specification and protection technology of the belt conveyor; Chapter 12 introduces the belt Conveyor system related equipment and facilities; Chapter 13 introduces belt-assisted computer-aided design; Chapters 14 and 15 list ZJT1A-96 belt conveyor components and D-YM96 coal conveyor components; Chapter 18 lists relevant information on the matching products in the design of belt conveyors.


table of Contents

1 DTII (A) belt conveyor product line

1.1 Scope of application

1.2 Product Specifications

1.2.1 Bandwidth Series

1.2.2 Product Code

1.3 Machine structure, part name and code

1.4 Typical configuration of the whole machine

1.5 parts series

1.5.1 Conveyor belt

1.5.2 Transmission type and drive unit

1.5.3 Drive roller

1.5.4 Redirection roller

1.5.5 Tudor

1.5.6 Tensioning device

1.5.7 Other components

1.5.8 Rack

1.6 Drawing Numbering Rules

1.6.1 Serial Number

1.6.2 Composition of the figure number

1.6.3 Drawing numbering method

2 machine design

2.1 Characteristics of bulk materials

2.2 Belt speed selection

2.3 Overall layout (side type) design

2.3.1 Overview

2.3.2 Conveyor inclination

2.3.3 Receiving section and tail length

2.3.4 Data section

2.3.5 arc segment

2.3.6 Tension device type

2.3.7 Transition section

2.3.8 Drive position

2.4 Roller matching

2.5 roller spacing

3 Design calculation

3.1 Calculation criteria, symbols and units

3.1.1 Calculation criteria

3.1.2 Symbols and units

3.2 Raw data and working conditions

3.3 Conveying capacity and conveyor belt width

3.3.1 The largest material cross-sectional area on the conveyor belt

3.3.2 Conveying capacity

3.3.3 Conveyor belt width

3.4 circumferential driving force

3.4.1 Calculation formula

3.4.2 Main resistance

3.4.3 Additional resistance

3.4.4 Main special resistance

3.4.5 Additional special resistance

3.4.6 Tilt resistance

3.5 Conveyor belt tension

3.5.1 Conveyor belt does not slip condition

3.5.2 Conveyor belt sag check

3.5.3 Characteristic point tension calculation

3.5.4 Roller force

3.6 Drive roller shaft power

3.7 Backstop force calculation and backstop selection

3.7.1 Calculation of backstop force

3.7.2 Selection of backstop

3.8 Motor power and drive combination

3.8.1 Motor power

3.8.2 Selection of drive unit combination

3.8.3 Single drum double drive calculation

3.9 Conveyor belt selection calculation

3.9.1 Number of fabric core conveyor belts

3.9.2 Steel cord conveyor belt selection calculation

3.9.3 Conveyor belt thickness and unit mass

3.9.4 Total length of conveyor belt, total square meters and total mass

3.10 Tension parameter calculation

3.10.1 Tension

3.10.2 Number of rams

3.10.3 Tension stroke

3.11 convex and concave arc size

3.11.1 Calculation of the radius of curvature of convex arc segments

3.11.2 Calculation of the radius of curvature of the concave arc segment

3.12 Starting and braking


4 parts selection

5 conveyor system design

6 main component spectrum

7 drive type spectrum

8 electric drum and retard roller

9 structural part spectrum

10 auxiliary device type spectrum

11 Safety Specifications and Protection Technology

12 Related equipment and facilities

13 Computer Aided Design

14 Other types of conveyor parts (1)

15 Other types of conveyor parts (2)

16 Conveyor Belt and Connector Product Information

17 drive unit standard parts product information

18 Belt Conveyor Accessories Product Information