Conveyor Belt Control Using Plc Pdf

- Jan 03, 2019-


The most important feature of the conveyor belt system is its comprehensiveness and systemicity. The comprehensiveness mainly involves mechanical technology, microelectronics technology, electrical and electronic technology, sensing and testing technology, interface technology, information transformation technology, network communication technology and other technologies. And integrated into the production equipment, and systemic refers to the production line of sensing detection, transmission and processing, control, execution and drive and other institutions under the control of the micro-processing unit to coordinate the orderly work, organic integration . The system completes the design of a four-stage conveyor based on plc. The control mode of the system adopts a PLC to undertake its control tasks for each work unit, and each PLC undertakes a distributed control mode by interconnecting. Therefore, this design comprehensively applies a variety of technical knowledge, such as sensor application technology, PLC control and networking, step motor position control and inverter technology.

Keywords: configuration automation PLC motor



PLC Definition: PLC is an electronic device designed for digital computing operations for industrial applications. It uses a program-programmable memory that stores instructions for performing operations such as logic operations, sequential operations, timing, calculations, and arithmetic operations, and can control various types of digital or analog inputs and outputs. Mechanical or production process. PLCs and their associated peripherals should be designed in such a way that they are easy to integrate with industrial control systems and easily extend their functionality.