Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

- Jan 03, 2019-


The cleaning device has a good effect, and the service life of the rollers, conveyor belts, rollers, etc. can be extended; therefore, the cleaning ability of the cleaner plays an important role in improving the operation efficiency and reliability of the belt conveyor, reducing the equipment failure rate and reducing the maintenance cost. The role.


Technical requirements for conveyor cleaning systems

Extremely high cleaning performance.

Protect the conveyor belt.

Self-cleaning effect

Fire prevention.

No accidents.

The amount of maintenance is small.

save costs.

long lasting.

Low cost wear parts.

Easy to install.

Sweeper classification

Conveyor cleaner, rotary cleaner polyurethane cleaner, alloy rubber cleaner, spring cleaner, belt cleaner, brush cleaner, electric vacuum cleaner closed cleaner, scraper cleaner, electric roller brush Sweeper, etc.