Conveyor Belt Classification

- Aug 10, 2017-

Today's conveyor belt to the rapid development trend, the rapid occupation of the material transport market. In the development of such a rapid era, the conveyor belt if you want to stand forever in the king of the land, you must master the direction of development. The variety of conveyor belts, new varieties continue to emerge, the manufacturer and the use of units on the conveyor belt classification and naming is not uniform, generally the following methods to classify.

One, according to the degree of heat

1, heat-resistant conveyor belt: TI-resistant resistance is not greater than 100 degrees, T2-type resistance is not greater than 125 degrees, T3 type resistance is not greater than 150 degrees

2, high temperature conveyor belt: temperature tolerance is not greater than 200 degrees

3, resistant to burning conveyor belt (metal mesh conveyor belt): temperature 200-500 degrees Hot: rib conveyor belt, heat-resistant conveyor belt, steel cord conveyor belt, metal spiral conveyor belt,

Second, according to material

Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt, Conveyor belt.

Third, according to the intensity level classification

Conveyor belt strength less than 500kN / m called light conveyor belt, 630kN / 2000KN / m called medium-strength conveyor belt, greater than 2000kN / m is a high-strength conveyor belt, greater than 5000kN / m is ultra-high strength band.

Knowledge expansion:

The stainless steel mesh belt is a friction-driven machine that continuously transports the material. The stainless steel mesh belt can form a material conveying process from the initial feeding point to the final discharge point on a certain conveying line The Stainless steel mesh belt can be carried out both broken material delivery, can also be carried into pieces of goods delivery. Of course, in addition to its pure material transport, but also with the industrial production process in the process of matching the requirements of the formation of a rhythm of the pipeline operation line. Therefore, the metal mesh belt is widely used in a variety of modern industrial enterprises, is the industry automatic devices and modern automated assembly line is essential in the important accessories.