Conveyor Belt Cartoon

- Jan 02, 2019-

1, conveyor belt problem classification

Conveyor belts are divided into two levels: horizontal and tilt: clockwise and counterclockwise.

2, conveyor belt problem solving strategy

(1) Stress analysis and motion analysis are the basis of problem solving

Firstly, according to the initial conditions, the velocity and velocity of the object V to the ground are compared, the type and the law of the friction force of the object are determined, and then the external force and acceleration of the object are analyzed, and then the object is combined. Initial velocity determines the motion properties of an object


The key to force analysis is the analysis of friction

Whether the object remains relatively stationary with the belt when the object and the belt speed appear equal in magnitude and in the same direction. Hypothesis is generally used, if it is possible to establish whether the key is between 0-f max. For the inclined conveyor belt, the relationship between the coupling coefficient and the angle is required for analysis.

The constant velocity moment of the object and the conveyor belt is the boundary point between the magnitude, direction and motion properties of the friction force.


(2) The correct choice of the reference system is the key to solving the problem

In the motion analysis, according to the external force and the initial velocity, the motion property of the object is based on the ground. When calculating according to the kinematic formula, the kinematics V, A, and S in the formula are all referenced to the ground. In the direction involving friction and the frictional heat generation phenomenon, the S phase is based on the conveyor belt. The scratch on the conveyor belt is based on the conveyor belt.