Conveyor Belt Car Wash

- Jan 03, 2019-

The car wash conveyor is the basis for the operation of the entire tunnel-type automatic car wash system. It mainly includes reducer, motor, drive shaft, support shaft, module chain plate, matching sprocket and other auxiliary equipment. The motor outputs the motive force, and the power is transmitted to the propeller shaft through the reducer and a pair of cylindrical meshing gears. The drive shaft drives the two drive pulleys to rotate, and the drive pulley drives the module chain plate to move, so that the car slowly advances on the conveyor belt. Complete every step of automatic cleaning. Automated car wash equipment provides free customer activity and is available 24 hours a day. It adopts three drying fans and features low noise and high air volume. Large diameter wheel brushes provide better cleaning for each hub. The side brushes are automatically positioned in a vertical orientation to better clean each part of the vehicle during each run, and the second run is able to match the shape of the vehicle. The rich foam cleans the entire vehicle and dirt, allowing the vehicle surface to be better cleaned. It is suitable for cleaning, waxing, air drying and cleaning of wheeled vehicles such as cars, jeeps and minivans. It can also be equipped with chassis cleaning and high pressure water spray system according to the requirements of customers. The whole machine is processed by international standard parts, and has been rust-proofed and surface-sprayed to meet the needs of customers with higher car wash requirements. The world's advanced compact brush cleaning system ensures the cleaning needs of each newer model. Achieve a more cleansing effect, leaving nowhere in all parts of the body.