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- Feb 03, 2019-

Seals are an important part of the hydraulic system, and fine dust can cause friction and wear in the hydraulic system. Product and reliability and performance are an important indicator of hydraulic systems. The scorching of rubber is often seen in the rainy season, how to prevent the high temperature conveyor belt from burning in the summer. A strong pull fabric is a little thicker and thicker than a low cloth. Conveyor belt knowledge 2: Why some construction units do not advocate the use of sealing glue, sealing glue is mainly to connect the two ends of the vulcanization, can avoid the interference of harmful substances such as dust, and avoid the joint quality of the high temperature resistant conveyor belt due to dust . In order to ensure the service life of the joint conveyor belt and the belt body synchronization, it is necessary to use the sealing glue. The use of the sealing glue will increase the cost and the joint difficulty. Therefore, some enterprises do not use the sealing glue, so the service life of the high temperature resistant conveyor belt is done. It is also influential.

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First, the high temperature conveyor belt manufacturers reported the reasons and treatment methods of mixing rubber scorch, improper cooperation: too much vulcanizing agent, accelerator. Improper operation of the rubber: If the temperature of the rubber mixer is too high, the cooling product device is not good, or the vulcanization is added too early, or the vulcanizing agent and the accelerator compound are not uniformly dispersed, which causes a high concentration of the vulcanizing agent.

At the delaminated surface, it can be repaired with cold glue, but the air must be emptied, but it is avoided that the high temperature conveyor belt is straightened when the high temperature conveyor belt is deflected. Conveyor belt knowledge 4: After the roller rubber is worn, can it be treated with cold glue or hot glue. The effect of the on-site treatment after the roll encapsulation wear is different from that of the heat treatment roller. Generally, the service life of the heat-treated roll can be used for more than 5 years.

4. Conveyor belt has high performance: it is necessary to transport inflammable and explosive materials, human transportation is not possible, flame retardant conveyor belt can be used, accidents occur in time, and humans will not be harmed. Conveyor belt can bring To facilitate the production, but also to better serve people. 5. High temperature resistant conveyor belt is the main component in conveying machinery. It can play the role of material, and is widely used in metallurgical industry, building materials industry, steel industry, foundry industry, etc., high temperature conveyor belt and other conveyor belts. Compared with better operational performance and ease of use, etc.

The newly-formed rubber and the anti-smelting compound can be measured at any time by using a Mooney viscometer and a vulcanizer to prevent the rubber from being burnt. Here we introduce the method to prevent the scorch of the rubber: firstly, reduce the amount of the vulcanization accelerator of the high-temperature conveyor belt, but this will lead to the decline of the physical properties of the rubber. It is very important to understand this.