Conveyor Belt Brush

- Feb 13, 2019-

A sessile brush with a wide, rough surface. Used to wash clothes, shoes, etc.



Function: Mainly used for blowing straight hair and combing large flowers. [1]

A tool for removing dirt or smearing oil made of wool, brown wire, wire, etc. is generally long or elliptical with a handle. Brushes, also known as brush brushes, are divided into industrial brushes and civilian brushes according to their field of trials.

Basic explanation

1. [brush]: A manually or mechanically manipulated tool or device made by planting bristles on the back, handle or roller for use as a sweep, brush, paint or stucco and polishing

2. [fool]: The words of the deaf. There are fools, hackers, etc.

It seems that I am a brush, he is also an idiot. - "Two moments of surprise"


Detailed explanation 1. A tool for removing dirt or smearing.

The second episode of "Water Margin": "There is a wash basin, a brush, a gold lacquered table, and a tin lamp stand." The 19th time of "The History of the Scholars": "He is in the store every day." Inside, holding a brush headscarf in his hand." Lao She "Camel Xiangzi" Eleven: "The little brush in front of the car, automatically swinging left and right, brushing the air on the glass."


2. Fool; prodigal son.

Yuan Wuming's "Home Debt" is the second fold: "If you don't raise silkworms, you don't farm, you are all dependent on the liar. Why is the king not hooking me, the world brush is less my money." "Jin Ping Mei Ci Hua" second time: "This brush 踅It’s tight, you see me with some sweet candy, put it on this nose, and don’t pay him.”

Nickname of the net name

Some people use "brushes" to describe those who play games and money online for a long time. Nicknamed "brush"

Others use "brushes" to describe those who use the caption video site to brush up meaningless subtitles.

Some people use "brushes" to describe those who brush the screen.

Civil brush

The brushes used in daily life mainly include: kitchen brush, bath brush, shoe brush, toothbrush, pot brush, laundry brush, coat brush, bathtub brush, bottle brush, glass cleaning brush, test tube brush, pet brush, massage. Brush, barbecue brush, bath brush, stainless steel sanitary brush, toilet brush, sponge window brush, shoe brush, clothes brush, roller brush, wall brush, paint brush, car brush, snow brush, etc.

Industrial brush

Used in industrial production, the main role is dust, polishing, cleaning, grinding.

According to the industry can be divided into: metal industry; pickling alkali washing brush, polishing brush

Food and beverage industry: all kinds of vegetable cutter brush, mushroom cleaning machine brush, hair to hair brush, fruit washing machine brush

Textile printing and dyeing industry: all kinds of shaping machine brush wheel, needle board, chain, cloth clip, singeing machine brush, sanding machine brush, brushing machine brush, combing machine brush, spinning machine brush leather

Shoes industry: microdermabrasion brush, meat remover brush, polishing brush, (wool wheel, cloth wheel, horse hair wheel, piglet wheel)

Woodworking furniture industry: sanding machine brush, polishing cloth wheel, brown brush

Environmental protection industry: all kinds of road sweeping brush, scrubber brush,

Glass industry: washing machine brush, edger brush

PCB, electronics: PP, PU, PVC, PVA absorbent sponge roller, non-woven brush roller, gold finger grinding wheel, felt brush roller, volcanic ash brush roller, pressure brush, brush brush (tube brush), etc.


Brush cleaning needs to pay attention to:

1. After brushing, use a tissue or a cotton pad to gently press with your fingers to let the water drain, but remember not to twist the bristles, otherwise the bristles will be destroyed and the structure of the bristles will be loose, resulting in hair loss.

2. After washing the brush, you can hang it up and let the bristles dry down.

3. Never wash against the hair.

4. To dry naturally, do not blow dry with a hair dryer, and do not dry it under the sun, otherwise it may hurt the brush material of the brush.