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- Feb 13, 2019-

High temperature conveyor belt export domestic sales



High temperature conveyor belt export domestic sales export domestic sales

A good high-quality high-temperature conveyor belt export where you can buy, may wish to come to Laizhou Longfa rubber 30 years of large manufacturers, quality and credibility of customer certification, guaranteed, the implementation of quality warranty period of after-sales service three bags, let you buy Satisfied, rest assured, friends who have this need can contact us or visit the factory!

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High temperature conveyor belt

The high-temperature conveyor belt outlet inner pin is a type of rib conveyor belt. It is composed of a rubber base belt, a rib, a partition and a tear-resistant cloth layer added inside. Our large angle rib conveyor belt is used. Made of natural rubber in Malaysia, it has a variety of fabrics such as cotton, nylon, polyester, steel cord and so on. Therefore, no matter the wear resistance or tear resistance and the service life is longer than the ordinary conveyor belt, our high temperature resistance Conveyor belt export domestic sales of domestic sales can be up to 18 months to more than two years, less after-sales problems, even after the after-sales problem, we will also provide three bags of after-sales service within the warranty period, after-sales managers will arrive in the motherland within 72 hours on site!

High-temperature conveyor belt export domestic sales outlet domestic sales is a historic step in the development of conveyor belts, which enables materials that cannot be transported at a certain angle to be transported. It also solves the problem of material handling of bulk powder materials in flat belt transportation, and the flat belt cannot be used. Raise and other issues.

Our ribbed belts can be transported at large angles of 30-90 degrees for vertical transport. Secondly, through the secondary vulcanization process, the ribs and the separator are firmly vulcanized on the high wear-resistant rubber base belt of the conveyor belt, and the ribs are made into a wave-shaped wave shape, which can well protect the material from being poured toward both sides. . The partition is made of T or TC shape, which can raise the material from low to high and continuously to the height!

Our high temperature conveyor belt export domestic sales factor:

1 Production width, our conveyor belt production width can now reach 6 meters, which is not yet reachable in China!

2 Our rib height and the height of the partition can be 500 and 480 respectively. This is not the same in the country. This greatly increases the transportation volume of materials, and can also realize the transportation of large materials, from low to low. One-time high-volume material transportation at high places reduces transportation time and improves transportation efficiency.

3 Our high temperature conveyor belts can be transported in a variety of transportation environments:

We can achieve heat and high temperature resistance of 300 degrees, cold resistance of minus 50 degrees, oil and acid resistance, flame retardant and antistatic, and many other transportation environments and combined environments, we can achieve easy transportation.

4 The emergence of this conveyor belt has greatly improved transportation efficiency, saved transportation costs, reduced land occupation costs, and improved overall economic benefits.

5 We will also make the conveyor belt ring, which will be very convenient for transportation and installation, and will save you an objective joint cost.

Professional high-temperature conveyor belt export domestic sales, we are now a large-scale high-temperature conveyor belt export domestic sales export domestic production enterprises, with more than 400 employees in the company, more than 90 professional technology research and development, more than 50 professional after-sales technical staff, with two Large-scale production plant, an independent research and development testing laboratory, with Longfa's independent instructional property rights, and dozens of conveyor belt production lines, we look forward to your visit!