Conveyor Belt Blueprints

- Feb 08, 2019-

It is recently that the development of China's mineral industry and the development of the conveyor belt industry have further improved the continuous transmission and grading transmission technology. Therefore, based on the development of the mineral industry, the current situation of China's conveyor belts and the development direction of transmission equipment are analyzed.

A conveyor belt is a general term for conveyor lines and conveyor machinery. Economic and social development has put forward higher requirements for conveyor belts. Modern engineering technology will require more and more efficient conveyor belts. Superfine pulverization technology will play an increasingly important role in high-tech research and development.

1. History of conveyor belt development

In China, the simplest delivery tools appeared in 2,000 BC - however, their transmissions were intermittent. Modern conveyor belts have been created after the gradual improvement and promotion of power machinery such as steam engines and electric motors. Its production efficiency is higher than that of the conveyor belt for intermittent crushing action.

The emergence of these conveyor belts has greatly improved the efficiency of mining operations. However, due to the differences in the characteristics of various materials, the transmission rate requirements of different industries are different from each other, so a variety of conveyor belts for conveying operations according to different working principles have been created.

2. Conveyor belt development market

Due to the widespread use of conveyor belts in various industries, the research and development of conveyor belts at home and abroad are highly valued. It is understood that the current market for China's conveyor belts still has great potential, but there are not many products with real vitality. It is still waiting for the invention and creation of researchers and manufacturers to develop practical problems and high efficiency. The conveyor belt will be used to supplement the technical gap of China and the world's conveyor belt 



3. Development direction of conveyor equipment

(1) Develop fine grading equipment and other ancillary equipment that are compatible with the conveyor belt. More research and development should be carried out from the perspective of the entire process system, and other auxiliary process equipment such as classification equipment and product conveying equipment should be improved, matched and improved on the basis of the existing conveyor belt.

(2) Improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and continuously improve and improve the conveyor belt.

(3) Integration of equipment and process research and development.

(4) Development of multifunctional transfer and surface modification equipment

Modern engineering technology will require more and more transmission equipment, and transmission technology will play an increasingly important role in high-tech research and development. In the future development of non-metallic mineral deep processing technology and industrial development, we must consider the development of high-tech and its industry, we must consider its comprehensive utilization.