Connector Considerations

- Jun 13, 2018-

The production process of conveyor belt joints is as follows:

1. Draw the dimension line: When marking, use the side of the tape as a reference. Keep the dimensions consistent, the angle must be accurate, and the reference should be uniform. Pay special attention not to mistake the direction of the beveled surface, and do not mistake the correspondence between the upper and lower layers. The

2, layered teeth: the open mouth with a layering machine to layer the conveyor belt up and down, both sides are in accordance with a fixed ratio of stratification, and then divide the good conveyor belt with a gear machine to beat the teeth, staggered up and down Hit teeth.

3, splicing: use hot air gun to fight the fixed teeth together

4. Hot-press molding: Put the fixed conveyor belt on the hot press machine for hot press molding, so that the conveyor belt can be used to complete the equipment.

Conveyor belt joints need to pay attention to the key issues

1. The design of conveyor joints must ensure that the entire tape is straight at the joints and cannot be bent. Otherwise, it will be difficult to adjust the conveyor belt. The upper and lower steps of the joint ensure the accuracy of the alignment. The entire bonding process should be carried out on a flat surface to ensure that the joint is entirely flat. The

2, must pay attention to the thickness of the relationship between the upper and lower layers

3, hit the teeth need to the two sides of the datum, otherwise it will cause the teeth can not be stitched

4, according to the different pressure of the conveyor belt to adjust the appropriate temperature, or the joints of the conveyor belt will not be closed because of the temperature is not enough.