Colombo International Engineering Machinery And Mining Machinery Exhibition, Sri Lanka

- Jul 22, 2019-

Exhibition time:

August 23, 2019, August 25, 2019

Highlights of the exhibition:

Over 90% of Chinese companies are very satisfied with the exhibition

Attracting more than 10,000 visitors

Venue: Sri Lanka - Colombo

Exhibition Industry: Construction Machinery Building Materials

Exhibition size: 5000 square meters

Organizer: Sri Lankan Builders Association\Sri Lanka LECS Exhibition Conference Company

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exhibition criteria

1. Mechanical equipment exhibition area

Processing equipment, glass machinery, construction machinery, construction equipment molds, construction site protection products, construction site facilities, water pumps, mining and construction machinery, crushers, pavers, agricultural machinery, woodworking machinery, garment textile machinery, packaging machinery, etc.

2. Building materials exhibition area

Sanitary ware and sanitary wares and accessories, kitchen facilities and accessories, all kinds of door industry, wallpaper fabrics, wooden doors, stairs and wood products, glass products, new building materials, lighting equipment, air conditioning refrigeration, tile floor tiles, household appliances Wait.

3, automobile and motorcycle accessories exhibition area

Automobile and motorcycle parts, components and parts, auto repair equipment, maintenance products, wheel tires; speaker systems and equipment, in-car entertainment systems, automotive processing products; gas station equipment, battery power, air conditioning refrigeration systems, automobile and motorcycle decorative products ; electromechanical systems, engines, safety systems, etc.

4. Hardware and Electrical Exhibition Zone

Hardware products; hardware tools: electromechanical tools, assembly tools, welding tools; daily hardware: tool locks, household hardware, kitchen and bathroom hardware; hardware accessories: electronic accessories, furniture accessories, leather accessories, watches and clocks accessories, electrical accessories, equipment accessories; Mechanical equipment: electromechanical equipment, anti-static equipment; construction hardware: wire and cable; metal mold, abrasives, hardware accessories, DIY tools; comprehensive products

5, home and textile fabric exhibition area (excluding clothing and clothing)

A variety of yarns and apparel textile fabrics, organic dyes, bed series, decorative series, furniture series, ground series, etc.

Exhibition introduction

The Colombo International Construction Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition in Sri Lanka was jointly organized by the Sri Lanka Ceylon Construction Association and the LECS Exhibition Company (the presidential award for the exhibition organization for four consecutive years). LECS Exhibition Company has rich experience in group exhibitions, organized hundreds of exhibitions at home and abroad, and operated 80% of the exhibitions in Sri Lanka.

The Ceylon Building Materials Association is made up of outstanding builders and engineers from Sri Lanka (responsible for Sri Lankan construction projects). During the exhibition, builders and engineers from the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce will visit the exhibition to make purchases. The exhibition was received by the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and the Labor Bureau. Strong sponsorship and support from government agencies such as the State Investment Development Administration and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As more and more multinational companies enter Sri Lanka, the number of commercial office buildings and hotels is increasing, and the demand for aluminum, steel, cement, steel, marble, sanitary ware, maintenance equipment and other materials is growing. High per capita annual income, strong purchasing power and growing maturity in the local market have led to a growing demand for housing for local residents. Due to the rapid development of tourism in Sri Lanka, the entire infrastructure is in a period of comprehensive construction, which has driven the rapid development of the construction industry in Sri Lanka.

In the next five years, plans to increase the number of hotel rooms by 50,000, the demand for building materials products is almost 100% imported. Due to the weak industrial development, the fisheries, minerals, agriculture and tourism resources have not been fully utilized. In addition to the long-term civil war, many materials cannot be self-sufficient and must rely on imports. Imported goods range from large-scale transportation vehicles, machinery and equipment, building materials, oil and coal fuels, to daily necessities, grain and oil products, and so on.

Market analysis

Sri Lanka ended its 26-year civil war in 2009 and subsequently showed good momentum. Sri Lanka’s GDP has increased year by year and has now become a new economic growth point in South Asia and throughout Asia.

Since 2013, more and more Chinese companies have opened up new markets with overseas sales models, and South Asia has become one of the hot spots for Chinese companies to invest. As one of the countries with a good investment environment in South Asia, Sri Lanka has naturally become a key investment target for Chinese companies.

1. Sri Lanka is located in the core area of the Indian Ocean, and the port of Colombo is also the port leading to the world's major ports;

2. In diplomacy, Sri Lanka has always been a staunch supporter of China. China-Slovakia trade is a business exchange that both sides encourage and provide certain support;

3. Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean, with convenient transportation, convenient natural conditions, abundant resources and huge economic development potential.

4. The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road will promote closer business cooperation between China and Sri Lanka.

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