Classification Of Industrial Belts

- May 25, 2018-

Industrial belts are a collective name for conveyor belts: they contain a wide variety of belts. Here are some of the commonly used:


Classified by purpose:

A, industrial belt: used in industrial and mining machinery transmission belt.


BElectronic industry: used in the electronics industry, logistics express delivery belt

C. Belts for automobiles: Belts dedicated to internal combustion engines such as automobiles and tractors.

D. Belts for Agricultural Machines: Belts for working machines dedicated to agricultural machines such as harvesters.

E. Variable speed belt: Used in conjunction with a variable pitch pulley, it can continuously change the transmission ratio of the belt within a certain range, and its relative height is generally less than 0.5.

F, light load belt: belt for low power transmission.

G, conductive belt: conductive belt.

Classified by variety:


PVC Conveyor Belt, PU Conveyor Belt, PVK Conveyor Belt, Teflon Conveyor Belt, V-belt, Hexagon Tape, Pentaflex Tape, Seven-Angle Tape, Teflon Tape, Joiner Tape, V-ribbed Tape, Caster CVT Tape , Wide-angle belt, Synchronous-toothed belt (time gauge with TIMEING BELT), Round belt, Conveyor belt, Base belt, Active belt, Elastic belt


Industrial belts, as their name implies, are belts used in industry. Their use is not the same, depending on their purpose and structure.

Industrial belts include industrial belts, automotive belts and conveyor belts. The first two are all belts. Belts Tapes used to transfer mechanical power, including flat drive tapes and triangular drive tapes (V-type tapes). Made of rubber and reinforcing materials (such as cotton canvas, rayon, synthetic fibers, or steel wire, etc.). Multilayer rubber canvas, synthetic fiber fabrics, cords, and steel wires are used as tensile layers. After being laminated, rubber is formed and vulcanized. Compared with gear transmission and chain transmission, tape transmission has the advantages of simple mechanism, low noise and low equipment cost, and is widely used in various power transmissions. The endless belt driven by the machine is put on two belt pulleys and made of leather or thread core rubber. The conveyor belt is a conveyor belt for plane transmission. It has a wide range of applications. The most common one in our daily routine is the airport and security inspection equipment at the railway station. The upper part of the conveyor belt is the use of conveyor belts to transport baggage packages, in addition to the electronics factory assembly line. Logistics sorting lines, chocolate processing lines, etc. Nowadays, we live in a high-tech development society, and the conveyor belt has slowly entered our daily production work. The application range is wide!