Classification And Characteristics Of PVC Rib Conveyor Belt

- Sep 21, 2018-

 In order to facilitate the bypass of the drum, the flange is designed to be corrugated; the function of the diaphragm is to support the material, and in order to achieve large inclination, the T-type TC is used. The flange and the diaphragm are connected to the base belt by a high-frequency joint and have a high joint strength. It is used to transport powdery, granular, small, paste and liquid materials that are easy to scatter.

Use and advantages of large dip angle ribs



1. It is suitable for the conveying of bulk materials with inclination angle 0°~90°;

2, has a wide range of use, small footprint, no transfer point, reduce civil construction investment, low maintenance costs, easy maintenance, continuous delivery, high efficiency, large dip angle transportation, safe operation, easy to use, low freight, and Shorten the transportation distance, reduce the project cost, and save manpower and material resources;

3. Solving the conveying angle that the ordinary belt and the pattern belt cannot reach;

4. It can also be designed as a complete and independent conveying system according to the use environment, avoiding the lifting system of intermittent conveying and complex conveying;

5. It can transport all kinds of bulk materials, fertilizers and foods in horizontal, inclined, vertical and variable angle directions;

6, the material size is not limited, from a small particle size to a large particle size of 400mm, the delivery volume can be from 1 cubic meter / hour to 6000 cubic meters / hour.



Six characteristics of the large angle rib conveyor belt

1. Increase the conveying angle (30~90 degrees);

2. Small footprint and low investment;

3. The conveying volume is large and the lifting height is higher;

4. Smooth transition from horizontal to inclined (or vertical);

5. It is suitable for conveying powdery, granular, small block, paste and liquid materials that are easy to be scattered;

6. Low energy consumption, simple structure, high tape strength and long service life.

Variety and specifications of large angle rib conveyor belt:

1. Large angle wavy rib conveyor belt varieties:

According to the different properties of the cover rubber, it is divided into common type, acid and alkali type, oil resistant type and so on.

2. Large angle wave rib conveyor belt specifications:

(1) Core material: PVC, PU, PE, etc.

(2) Bandwidth: 100mm-20000mm (customizable processing)

(3) Cloth: 2-4 layers

(4) Covering glue: working surface: 1.5-7mm Non-working surface: 0mm-2mm (large quantity can be customized)


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