Characteristics And Advantages Of Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

- Aug 10, 2017-

Heat-resistant conveyor belt is now widely used in many enterprises conveyor belt, many users do not understand its performance and the use of features, I now summarize your company for the characteristics and advantages of heat-resistant conveyor belt, hoping to help you buy and use The

Heat-resistant conveyor belt by the cotton canvas or cotton with high cotton canvas or polyester canvas and a certain heat resistance of the composition of the plastic cover.

Product use: As the cover plastic has a certain heat resistance, and for conveying metallurgy, casting, coking building materials, chemical industry, such as hot metal bucket or high temperature hot materials.

Implementation of the standard: HG / T2297-1992 "heat-resistant conveyor belt"

Heat-resistant conveyor belt features and advantages:

1, excellent tear resistance and wear resistance

Not only has a high heat resistance, in the long-term transport of high-temperature materials in the process, but also showed good tear resistance and wear resistance, which can reduce maintenance costs and downtime, reduce operating costs.

2, high-strength belt structure

The skeleton material can be made of wire rope material or synthetic fiber material. The synthetic fiber material has a belt strength of 2000N / mm at high temperature and has good dimensional stability.

3, excellent performance of heat-resistant plastic can prevent cracks and harden

Can be a long time to transport the temperature of 200 ℃ material, and the belt to maintain flexibility, the surface of the gel rarely crack and harden, you can have a long working life, reduce replacement costs.