Brief Introduction Of Logistics Conveyor Line

- Nov 24, 2018-

The conveyor line is primarily responsible for the delivery of its materials. In the winding warehouse, the production workshop and the packaging workshop, a plurality of belt conveyors, roller conveyors and the like are arranged, and a conveyor chain is connected to form successive conveying lines. At the entrance and exit of the material, there are and access to the fork device, the elevator and the above ground conveyor line. In this way, in the warehouse, production workshop and packaging workshop, a circular conveyor line system can be formed which can smoothly reach each production position and close. All materials, parts, components and products used in the production process must be packed in a bar coded pallet box before entering the conveyor line system. Under the effect of the production order announced by the production management system, the pallet box containing the material enters the conveyor line system from the designated inlet.


The automatic control system of the logistics conveyor line mainly uses the PLC control skills, so that the system automatically and flexibly puts the products in the pallet box according to the production instructions, through the system's automatic identification function and the conveyor line system, in the best way, the fastest. The speed, accurately transported from one orientation to another in the production site, completes the spatio-temporal handling of the product material, ensuring that the production of various products is coordinated as needed and rapidly changed as needed. Ensure efficient operation of plant equipment and production. In this process, the best way to control becomes the skill of the automatic logistics control system, while some of the other systems operate around the path.

Logistics conveyor

Logistics conveyor


At each inlet of the conveyor line, the operator loads the materials into different pallet boxes according to the production plan, and then inputs the barcodes of these pallet boxes into the production management system through a hand-held barcode laser scanner. The production management system will generate a pallet production order for each pallet box barcode received according to the production scheduling plan, and put it into the production instruction form for the logistics automatic control system to find. The content of each production instruction consists of three parts: the barcode code on the pallet box, the import orientation and the exit orientation of the pallet box on the conveyor line.