Brief Description Of The Application Classification Of PVC Conveyor Belt

- Nov 14, 2018-

First, according to industry application classification, PVC conveyor belt products can be divided into tobacco industry conveyor belt, logistics industry conveyor belt, packaging industry conveyor belt, printing industry conveyor belt, food industry conveyor belt, wood industry conveyor belt, food processing industry conveyor belt , conveyor belts for the entertainment industry, conveyor belts for the aquatic industry, conveyor belts for the stone industry, etc.


Second, according to the performance classification can be divided into: light climbing conveyor belt, high climbing conveyor belt, plus baffle lifting conveyor belt, vertical hoist belt, non-slip conveyor belt, sanding machine conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belt, Heavier goods conveyor belt, light goods conveyor belt, guided anti-running conveyor belt, perforated suction conveyor belt (suction fan belt), belt nail conveyor belt, spiral lifting conveyor belt, turning lifting conveyor belt, ultra-wide items Conveyor belt, grooved conveyor belt, plus block conveyor belt, rib conveyor belt, trough conveyor belt, knife edge conveyor belt, etc.

Third, according to the product thickness and color classification, can be divided into different colors (red, yellow, green, blue, gray, white, black, dark blue green, transparent), and thickness ranging from 0.8MM to 11.5MM, can be produced Production.


Fourth, according to the product pattern research and development classification, can be divided into lawn pattern conveyor belt, fish bone pattern, diamond pattern, cross pattern, mesh pattern, inverted triangle pattern, horseshoe pattern, zigzag pattern, small dot pattern, diamond pattern, snake Leather pattern, cloth pattern, large round table pattern, wave pattern, seesaw pattern, one-line pattern, thin straight pattern, golf pattern, large square pattern, matt pattern, coarse pattern, checkered pattern, etc.

Fifth, according to the PVC conveyor belt product fabric level can be divided into: one cloth one glue, two cloth one glue, one cloth two glue, two cloth two glue, two cloth three glue, three cloth three glue, three cloth four glue, four cloth Four glue, four cloth five glue, five cloth five glue and so on.image

Sixth, according to the temperature range of PVC conveyor belt products can be divided into: cold-resistant conveyor belt (minus below 40 °) normal temperature conveyor belt (minus 10 ° to 80 °), with the popularization of the PVC conveyor belt market is becoming more and more mature, Mingcheng transmission According to the different industrial fields, we are constantly developing and innovating, and gradually improve the perfect application of conveyor belts in various industrial fields.