Belt Conveyor Joint Bonding Method

- Jun 29, 2018-

Bonding method:

(1) Steel buckle connection method: When the steel buckle is connected, the strength of the conveyor belt will be reduced due to the decrease of the joint strength. Therefore, the steel buckle connection is only suitable for the occasion of the shorter belt conveyor or the conveyor is not convenient to disassemble. The buckle is selected according to the thickness of the conveyor belt.

(2) Hot-melting method: Layering the two ends of the conveyor belt, then splicing two ends together, using a hot air gun to do a simple fixingThe assembled conveyor belt is placed on the hot melt equipment to be heated and pressurized for hot melting. The temperature is about 140 ° C, the temperature rise should be slow, and the temperature of each point of the heating plate is kept uniform, and the heat preservation time is calculated from 140 ° C, the cloth layer After reaching the holding time, stop heating and let it cool naturally to normal temperature. The conveyor belt can be used normally.

(3) Cold-bonding method: cut and strip the conveyor belt into a ladder-like shape as required, and clean the surface with C-copper. Use two sets of special adhesive for the conveyor belt and mix evenly after mixing according to the specification. On the peeling layer, both sides should be coated. After the first coating, place it for 5 to 10 minutes. When the hand touches the adhesive layer and does not pull it into segments, apply it again for the second time, still placing it for 10 to 15 minutes. When the touch adhesive layer is no longer in thin shape, press the two layers into a step-to-sew stitch, and use a flat-headed hammer to evenly pound it by hand; use the glue to flatten the seams, press the pressure evenly, and put it in place for 24 hours. .