Belt Conveyor Belt Deformation Reasons

- Sep 27, 2018-

In the production line, we can simulate the dynamic transport characteristics of the belt conveyor according to the set driven drum, after completing the whole dynamic model of the magnetic levitation belt conveyor. From the simulation results, it can be seen intuitively that the corresponding conveyor belt changes gradually with time and the belt is deformed.


Under different transportation conditions, the ADA MS's powerful graphic processing function can be used to extract the motion parameters such as velocity, acceleration and displacement at any point on the conveyor belt at any time. These dynamic characteristics can further analyze the conveyor belt and the roller. According to the force situation, verify the rationality of each component design. By analyzing its speed and acceleration, the smoothness of the braking process of the belt conveyor drive and the rationality of the optional device are determined. By analyzing the displacement of any point on the conveyor belt, it can be concluded whether the conveyor belt has slippage and offset.

The viscoelasticity and hysteresis of the belt conveyor belt itself will cause the actual motion displacement of each point of the conveyor belt to be very different from the assumed motion displacement of the completely rigid belt block. It can be analyzed by comparing the displacement differences between the two. The deformation of the conveyor belt. Based on the above ideas, the motion simulation analysis of the belt conveyor virtual prototype system is carried out, and the parameters such as the contact stiffness, damping coefficient, friction coefficient and penetration value of the fully damped contact surface of the roller and the conveyor belt are set.

Belt conveyor lines are widely used in conveying equipment for transportation in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. When the belt conveyor carries the material, the conveyor belt will be deformed due to various reasons. When the belt conveyor conveys the material, the conveyor belt is used as the carrier for the rhythmic transportation material. Conveyor belts are generally made of rubber and fiber, metal composite products or composites of plastics and fabrics. Thereby affecting the normal operation of the conveying equipment, causing inconvenience to the production operation, affecting the transportation efficiency of the entire production line.

Skirt baffle conveyor belt


Skirt baffle conveyor belt

If the conveyor belt of the conveyor is not deformed, the belt conveyor is in normal operation. The equation of motion of the conveyor belt block can be defined according to the motion trajectory of the rigid belt block. The system coordinates of the belt conveyor model are defined at the center of the collection of the virtual prototype, starting from the centroid point of the middle belt block of the conveyor belt. The trajectory of the point is calculated, and the trajectory of the centroid point is the trajectory formed by the conveyor belt block after the movement.

The belt conveyor needs to select the block unit of several typical positions on the conveyor belt as the analysis reference point for numerical analysis of the kinematics and dynamic characteristics of the belt conveyor belt. It is mainly the center point of the belt belt in the belt carrying section of the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor. The center of the belt is directly contacted between the driving drum and the conveyor belt. The reversing drum and the conveyor belt just touch the centroid point of the belt block, and a total of three points.image (6).jpg