Bangkok International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (Intermach)

- Jun 21, 2019-

exhibition criteria

1. Transmission equipment: hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, cylinder and drive, hydraulic valve, hydraulic accumulator, hydraulic components and systems, water-based hydraulic, hydraulic filter, hydraulic pipe fittings, lubrication fasteners, transmission couplings, bearings and Bearing parts, bearing production and processing equipment, bearing testing, measuring and testing equipment, etc.;

2. Industrial parts and metal processing equipment: valves, pipes, castings and forgings, pumps, environmental protection machinery, machine tool accessories, machine tools, welding and gas cutting, heat treatment, etc.;

3, hardware tools: hand tools, power tools, locks, security equipment, protective equipment, lighting appliances, doors and windows, gardening equipment, irrigation equipment, drainage equipment, household goods, decoration materials, etc.;

4. Plastic machinery and equipment, rubber machinery and equipment, rubber and plastic processing equipment and quality testing equipment, various plastic products and plastic film, chemical raw materials for rubber and plastic processing, additives and auxiliary materials, molds and accessories for rubber and plastics processing, Rubber products, etc.;

5. Agricultural machinery: harvesting machinery, post-harvest processing machinery, on-site working machinery, plant protection machinery, animal husbandry (aquaculture) farming machinery, etc.


Exhibition introduction

The Bangkok International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (Intermach) was held in 1984 and has been successfully held for 33 times. It enjoys a high reputation throughout Southeast Asia. The show provided a number of business opportunities for a large number of companies, and attracted buyers from ASEAN and the world to seek business opportunities. The demand for mechanical products in China by ASEAN countries is very large. INTERMACH was originally conceived as an exhibition where manufacturers can display equipment products that reduce costs and increase productivity.

Until today, in the Ministry of Industry of Thailand, ASEAN International Trade and Investment Chamber of Commerce, Thailand Investment Promotion Committee, Industrial Promotion Department, Thailand Automation Industry Association, Thailand-Germany Association, Thailand Automobile Industry Association, Thai Foundry Association, Thailand Subcontracting Promotion Association, Industry With the support of organizations such as the Association for the Advancement of Associations (ASIA), INTERMACH has become one of the largest and successful subcontracting exhibitions of machinery and industry in ASEAN countries. It is also a place for new technology equipment to meet customers. Many international exhibitors took the opportunity to release their latest machinery in Asia, which provided a new perspective for the show. Thailand Machinery and Equipment Exhibition is a rare event to provide opportunities and challenges, and has become one of the important exhibitions in the ASEAN region.

Market analysis

Thailand is located in the central part of the South-Central Peninsula of Southeast Asia. It borders the west and the north with Myanmar and the Andaman Sea, the east is Laos, the southeast is Cambodia, and the narrow peninsula to the south is connected to Malaysia. It is one of the member states and founding countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. According to Thai customs statistics, as of March, China is Thailand's largest export market and the largest source of imports, making Thailand the largest trading partner. The demand for Chinese machinery products is very large in ASEAN countries. At present, about 95% of all kinds of industrial machinery and equipment in the Thai market are imported from abroad, and the import volume of various machinery is also increasing. Many companies are trying to pass Established a local factory in Thailand to occupy a larger market share.

The ASEAN Economic Community was officially launched in 2015. It is composed of ten countries in Asia. The ASEAN initiative will build a dynamic and dynamic emerging economy in the world. Trade among the ASEAN member countries will achieve zero tariffs and investment liberalization, so that goods, services, Capital and skilled workers can freely cross regional barriers. In addition, with the successful completion of the “Belt and Road” international cooperation summit in Beijing, the “Belt and Road” initiative has received a positive response from the world, and the business community has also given unprecedented expectations to Chinese manufacturing. For Chinese companies, Thailand, which is located in the core area of the Indo-China Peninsula, has a good geographical advantage. In recent years, China-Thailand relations have been better, and there is great potential for development under the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative.

XINBEX attends the exhibition