Anti-static Wear-resistant Belt

- Aug 09, 2018-

● It is mainly suitable for the transportation of light-loaded materials such as food, tobacco, electronics, printing, packaging and textile;

Transportation of materials, tobacco, electronics, printing, packaging, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical, postal, tanning, metallurgy, etc.

Transportation of heavy materials such as chemical, postal, building materials and metallurgy;

● Conveyor belt green is general purpose; white or transparent meets food hygiene standards; black and dark green meet static electricity requirements, volume resistance ≤108Ωcm;

● Conveyor belt skeleton layer with at least one to two layers of weft with rigid polyester yarn braid, special requirements can be used soft fiber;

● Rubber and plastic wear resistance ≤0.05cm3/1.61km; polyester yarn braid tensile strength ≥1250kgf/cm2; elongation at break ≤20%;

● The conveyor belt width exceeds the production width range, and the cold glue bonding method is adopted;

● Special joints can be connected by steel buckles;

The above are regular products, special requirements, please come to sample processing.