Advantages And Working Principle Of Using The Synchronous Wheel

- Nov 26, 2018-

1. Synchronous wheel installation is convenient and quick to adjust, saves time and high efficiency, can save 3-5 times of man-hours, and does not need additional drilling to pull keyway;

2. The physical automatic locking bushing design of the synchronous wheel effectively avoids the hidden tolerance damage, and the gap or tolerance error is too large, it will automatically lock;


3. The surface of the synchronous wheel has good anti-rust performance, and it is treated with black rust and anti-rust after salt spray;

4, the synchronous wheel professional production is ready to buy.

5. Synchronous wheels are time-saving and efficient, and effectively avoid the characteristics of traditional tolerance and hidden damage;

6, the synchronous wheel can achieve no gap free key connection;

7. The synchronous wheel has high-precision transmission torque, so there is no need to worry about it being loose or transmission accuracy and clearance problems;


8. The synchronous wheel is ground after quenching and tempering, smooth and smooth, and the elasticity is good. All the plastic bags are sealed and packed.

9. The use of synchronous wheels can increase the overall profit of the company in production by more than 40c/o.


How the synchronous wheel works

 The synchronous wheel transmission is composed of an endless belt with equal-spaced teeth on the inner peripheral surface and a pulley with corresponding teeth. During operation, the toothed teeth mesh with the tooth grooves of the pulley to transmit motion and power, which is integrated with the belt. A new type of belt drive with the advantages of transmission, chain drive and gear transmission.