2019 American Food Machinery And Technology Exhibition

- Apr 01, 2019-

2019 American Food Machinery and Technology Exhibition

(Process Expo)

Exhibition time: October 08-11, 2019

Exhibition location: Chicago, USA - McCormick Exhibition Center

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exhibition criteria:

1) Dairy processing: cream production equipment, whole milk, skim milk and concentrated milk processing equipment, curd and cheese equipment, ice cream processing packaging

And equipment;

2) Baking and snack food processing: baking equipment and utensils, baking molds, candy machinery, puffed food machinery, chocolate machinery;

3) Meat and aquatic products processing: meat segmentation and processing machinery and equipment, refrigeration equipment, raw meat and deep processed products, packaging materials;

4) Canning processing: supporting machinery and equipment such as empty can production, sealing, sterilization, washing tanks, tinplate cans, easy opening and unscrewing;

5) Processing of fruits and vegetables: cleaning equipment, cutting equipment, dewatering equipment, packaging equipment;

6) Beverage packaging: beverage machinery, filling line, alcoholic beverage machinery, beverage raw materials, ingredients.