What to do after the conveyor belt breaks?

- May 28, 2019-

Generally, there are several reasons for the breakage of the conveyor belt. First, the conveyor belt is aged to reach the service life, and the fracture will occur. Secondly, the conveyor belt is aged or broken ahead of time due to equipment.

After the conveyor belt is broken, the following treatment methods can be adopted:

1 When the service life of the belt reaches the service life of the belt, the new belt should be replaced immediately;

2 Replace the damaged or severely deformed tape with a new one and replace the metal clip;

3 Strictly control the feeding of large materials, iron and water coal to the belt;

4 should choose a reasonable tension on the belt tensioning device;

5 When purchasing the conveyor belt, choose a belt with excellent quality performance;

6 Increase the protection roller for the offset roller and prevent the deviation. If there is a situation where the belt is stuck by the frame, stop it immediately and solve the problem.

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