What should I do if the material is scratched when the material is being transported?

- Jun 14, 2019-

Sometimes, when you transport materials, you find that the materials are scratched, especially some easily scratched materials, such as: mobile phone screens, electronic components, circuit boards, and tight ceramics. This is because ordinary conveyor belts have a hard surface. And if the material is also hard, then the material rubs against the conveyor belt, and the “hard-to-hard” belt may scratch the material.

         Every material production and processing is invested in a certain amount of time and money, and each business owner does not want to increase production costs because of the wear rate. Today XINBEX tells you how to reduce or avoid this happening!

Punch plus guide belt

Since the ordinary conveyor belt does not work, the felt conveyor belt is used. Unlike the ordinary conveyor belt, the surface of the felt conveyor belt is soft. During the transportation process, the felt can effectively protect the material from being scratched, and the felt has certain resistance. Electrostatic properties, due to its characteristics, felt strips are also widely used in the electronics industry.

         The felt conveyor belt also has a very special characteristic that is resistant to cutting, because of the felt on the surface, it can also transport some materials with sharp corners.

         If your material is easily scratched, use the XINBEX felt belt as your best choice!

Felt perforated conveyor belt