What is the use of waste transportation?

- Apr 26, 2019-

Waste conveyor belts can generally be used for several purposes:

One: made a gas cylinder sunscreen cover. Due to the limitation of the site, the welding work is often carried out in the open air. In the hot summer, considering the unsafe factors such as oxygen and acetylene easily causing explosion under the exposure of sunlight, the repairing plant uses the external dimensions of the acetylene and oxygen moving vehicles. The waste conveyor belt has worn a “big hat” on the mobile car. This sun protection device effectively avoids direct exposure of oxygen cylinders and acetylene bottles in high temperature weather, thus eliminating safety hazards.


Second: make the car mud. In order to reduce the damage of gravel, muddy water and other materials on the road bottom of the vehicle during the driving period, the relevant technicians of Changlong Company have used the waste conveyor belt instead of the steel plate to make the vehicle fender after testing, measuring and comparing. It saves the cost of steel plates, protects the vehicle parts, and effectively prolongs the service life of the vehicle's big car and fuel tanks. At the same time, the vehicle is installed and used for life, greatly reducing the related maintenance costs.


Three: made the vehicle anti-dumping slot. Because the material encounters rebound in the anti-scraping groove of the steel plate during the process of scattering, there is a defect that the material cannot be prevented from being thrown and thrown in all directions. By analyzing the direction of material throwing and the defect of the steel plate type anti-dumping groove, the steel plate type anti-spraying has been installed. The vehicle on the device is connected with the original anti-sprinkling device and the edge of the car with a waste conveyor belt, and the anti-sprinkling device made of the waste conveyor belt is directly installed on the new car. This device can effectively avoid the phenomenon of material rebound and throwing, and comprehensively improve the anti-spraying ability.

Four: Make construction waste. Use a chopper to chop these used conveyor belts. Used to pave the roadbed. Many road constructions will be used.

V: Recycling: It can be put back into the furnace and melted again to make a new conveyor belt material.