What is the main material of the pvc conveyor belt?

- May 20, 2019-


PVC conveyor belts are generally made of polyvinyl chloride and strong industrial fabrics.

1. Layer polyester filament strong base fabric, laterally stable

2, the top layer of the belt: 3.2mm thickness of PVC glue, hardness 65

3, the bottom layer of the belt: 2.0mm thickness of PVC glue, hardness 85

4. The friction coefficient of the bottom layer and the steel structure platform is 0.25u

5, belt thickness: can be customized according to customer requirements

6, the maximum width: 3000mm

Recommended tension: 6-11N/mm (the elongation is 0.4-0.7% at this time) The maximum tensile force is: 16N/mm (the elongation is 1.6%)

Belt support: flat or roller support

Minimum drum diameter: 50mm for front operation; 80mm for reverse operation

Connection method: double-tooth thermoplastic combination or steel buckle joint

The PVC conveyor belt is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is composed of polyester fiber cloth and polyvinyl chloride rubber. The PVC conveyor belt has good elasticity and is not easily deformed. It is made of high-strength and high-quality cotton, nylon and polyester canvas as the core. It is made of pure natural rubber and non-polluting compounding agent to make white or light color, no pollution, and does not affect the food hygiene odor coating. The formula of PVC conveyor belt is reasonable in design, meets the health indicators, moderate color, light and durable. PVC conveyor belts are suitable for the food industry or the food sector to transport bulk, canned, packaged food or food to a large particle size of 400, and the delivery capacity can range from 1 cubic meter / hour to 6000 cubic meters / hour.