What is the cause of the belt slip?

- Jun 05, 2019-

1. The initial tension is too small, the tension of the tensioner is not enough or the trolley is stuck. The tension between the tape and the roller separation point is insufficient, causing the tape to slip. This situation usually occurs at the start-up. The solution is to adjust the tensioning device to remove the card or increase the weight to increase the initial tension.

2. The friction between the drive roller and the tape is not enough, causing slippage. The reason is mostly that there is water on the tape or the environment is humid and the coefficient of friction is reduced. You can add some rosin to the drum, but be careful not to put it in by hand, but use a blower to blow in to avoid personal accidents.

3. The tail roller bearing is not damaged or the upper and lower roller bearings are not damaged too much, which causes the resistance to increase and causes slippage. It can be treated symptomatically.

4, the load on the tape is too large, exceeding the motor carrying capacity or starting too fast will also cause slippage. When the belt is slipping, the amount of coal should be reduced in time. When the slip does not turn, the belt should be stopped and processed immediately.

5. The belt is running badly, and the belt is seriously rubbed with the frame and the safety cover. The belt should be adjusted in time.

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