What is cold vulcanized belt repair

- Jul 05, 2019-

In general, common conveyor belt breakage scratches and tears can be quickly repaired and put into use using cold vulcanization repair.

The advantages of cold vulcanization repair are fast repair speed and simple operation process. This feature is manifested in the longitudinal scratch and tear repair of the conveyor belt.

Especially obvious. Some conveyor belts are scratched and twisted hundreds of meters, even if only a few tens of meters, according to the hot vulcanization repair 1-2 meters of repair distance

From the time of repairing the rubber and heating and cooling for more than 2 hours, the time and material cost of completing such belt repair may be any

A manufacturer can't stand it. So cold vulcanization repair is the best way, and no one.

Cold vulcanization repair using cold vulcanized glue and repair strips, including grinding, cleaning, brushing, pasting, etc. can also be completed in 2 hours

10 meters of repair work, and then quickly solidified, under the appropriate environmental conditions, by means of heating and other means of accelerated curing can even be repaired


Cold vulcanized conveyor belt

Cold vulcanized glue is suitable for bonding between rubber, metal, leather, fabric, etc., and the bonding strength can reach the same level as thermal vulcanization, and the cured rubber layer

It has a series of properties such as tear resistance, elongation at break, flexibility, water and acid resistance, and heat-resistant oxygen aging. Repair with fabric reinforcement

The strip can also be reinforced to the conveyor belt structure to a certain extent to meet the requirements of the conveyor belt operation.