What is a PVC conveyor belt

- May 21, 2019-

The PVC conveyor belt is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is composed of polyester fiber cloth and polyvinyl chloride rubber. The working temperature is generally -10° to +80°, and the joint mode is generally an international toothed joint, and the lateral stability is good for transmission under various complicated environments.


PVC is actually a vinyl polymer material whose material is a non-crystalline material. PVC materials are often added with stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, colorants, impact agents and other additives in actual use. It has non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability.

PVC is highly resistant to oxidizing agents, reducing agents and strong acids. However, it can be corroded by concentrated oxidizing acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid, and is also not suitable for contact with aromatic hydrocarbons or chlorinated hydrocarbons. In addition, the term "person vs computer" in the game, abbreviated as PVC, and PVC human form are often referred to as PVC.


The PVC conveyor belt has good elasticity and is not easily deformed. It is made of high-strength and high-quality cotton, nylon and polyester canvas as the core. It is made of pure natural rubber and non-polluting compounding agent to make white or light color, no pollution, and does not affect the food hygiene odor coating. PVC conveyor belt product formula design is reasonable, in line with health indicators, moderate color, light and durable. PVC conveyor belts are suitable for the food industry or the food sector to transport bulk, canned, packaged food or food to a large particle size of 400, and the delivery volume can be from 1 cubic meter / hour to 6000 cubic meters / hour.


PVC conveyor belt can be divided into: light climbing conveyor belt, high climbing conveyor belt, baffle lifting conveyor belt, vertical hoist belt, non-slip conveyor belt, sanding machine conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belt, heavier items Conveyor belt, light goods conveyor belt, guide anti-running conveyor belt, perforated suction conveyor belt (suction fan belt), belt nail conveyor belt, spiral lifting conveyor belt, turning lifting conveyor belt, ultra-wide cargo conveyor belt, Sponge conveyor belt, grooved conveyor belt, plus block conveyor belt, edge belt conveyor belt, trough conveyor belt, knife edge conveyor belt, etc.