What can a light conveyor belt do, tell you today!

- Jun 06, 2019-

There is a kind of thing that everyone knows. It is an indispensable part of modern automated production. It is the conveyor belt, and some people call it conveyor belts and belts. But many people's perceptions of it may be only one-sided, and have a deep understanding of it.

     Here, let me explain to you what is a light conveyor belt. The general materials use PVC, PU, and PVK are light conveyor belts, and more are used indoors. For outdoor use, heavy sand belts are used to transport sand and gravel. Generally made of rubber. Let's talk to you about the industry application of lightweight conveyor belts today.

Punched conveyor belt

In the paper industry, the conveyor belt is generally called the suction belt, which is to be punched, so as to play the role of suction, so that the paper is flat without wrinkles, and can also play a role in positioning.

     In the food industry, we generally use PU conveyor belts, PU is different from PVC, has oil resistance, and food-grade materials to ensure the safety of our food.

PVK conveyor belt

In the airport or logistics industry, more practical PVK conveyor belts, PVK conveyor belts, the most notable feature is flame retardant, such as logistics, such as flammable materials and airports, where traffic is very large, fire prevention Of course, the first place, the flame retardant performance of the PVK conveyor belt reduces the spread time of the fire.

     The above is the application of a part of the light conveyor belt industry. Of course, there are many industries that use light conveyor belts and have the opportunity to introduce them.

Conveyor belt lifting