What are the reasons why XINBEX tells you that the conveyor belt is broken?

- Jul 17, 2019-

In industrial production, the most feared is that the conveyor belt breaks when conveying materials, which will not only affect the work efficiency, but also affect the production, so in the usual production, we must avoid these risks. If you want to avoid this risk, you must know the reason why the conveyor belt will break, so that you can better avoid risks. Today, Xiaobian summarizes the reasons why several conveyor belts will break, and I hope to help everyone.

Pattern conveyor belt

1. The pulling force is too large, and the tension adjustment is too tight;

     2. The conveyed material exceeds the maximum load of the belt;

     3. The running speed is too fast;

     4. The conveyor belt is in a harsh environment and the aging is accelerated;

     5. Conveyor belt selection error;

Sky blue conveyor belt

6. The conveying roller is too small, and the joint does not turn to the roller;

     7. The running time of the conveyor belt is too long.

     The above is a summary of Xiaobian. In the usual use of conveyor belts, we must not only know the cause of the conveyor belt breakage, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the conveyor belt, the reasonable selection of the conveyor belt, the correct selection, timely maintenance, and prevention of aging. Replace in time.

Conveyor belt pattern