What are the different classifications of the conveyor belt cleaners?

- May 07, 2019-

Head cleaner:

The head cleaner is used for the cleaning work on the belt unloading roller return belt. The cleaner is matched with the belt conveyor, and the cleaner is equipped with a weight tightening or a spring tension.

Quantity: 1 belt of ordinary belt conveyor, 2 belts of strong belt conveyor, cleaning medium: ordinary belt conveyor uses rubber strip, strong belt conveyor uses alloy or polyurethane.

Central Cleaner:

It is also used to clean the non-working surface of the belt, so that the material adhering to the lower belt surface is transferred to the lower roller and the reversing roller as little as possible.

Installation position: 5m behind the unloading point in the middle of the belt, or 2/3 position of the belt conveyor body (distance from the nose).


Quantity: At least 1 belt conveyor, at least 2 belt conveyors, cleaning medium: ordinary belt conveyor using rubber strip, strong belt conveyor using rubber strip or polyurethane.

Tail section cleaner:

Responsible for the cleaning of the non-working surface in front of the belt conveyor.

Quantity: At least one.

Cleaning media: ordinary belt conveyors use rubber strips, strong belt conveyors use rubber strips or polyurethane. Installation position: within 5 meters in front of the tail buffer roller holder