What are the details that need to be paid attention to when choosing a conveyor belt?

- Apr 13, 2019-

Conveyor belt is an important conveying accessory of belt conveyor, which is mainly responsible for carrying the transportation of various materials. As an important part of the belt conveyor, the conveyor belt directly affects the use of the machine, and the conveyor belt occupies an important proportion in the whole conveyor. The conveyor belt in the large angle belt conveyor accounts for about three costs. About one-half, so choosing the right conveyor belt for the conveyor equipment is also a factor that engineers must consider when designing equipment. Next, the XINBEX conveyor belt will give you a detailed explanation of the conveyor belt.


Several details that the belt conveyor needs to pay attention to when selecting the conveyor belt:

         1. When transporting materials, belt conveyors generally need to consider the characteristics of the transported materials, such as density, maximum particle size, presence or absence of oil or chemicals, etc.; whether the materials have certain corrosiveness or acidity and alkalinity, etc. These will affect the service life of the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor. Also, such as the specific gravity of the material, the size of the grain, whether it is a block or a powder, and these are all factors to be considered when designing the belt conveyor.


2. The conveying line of the belt conveyor should be arranged along the distance between the head and the tail roller of the conveyor. If the belt conveyor needs to turn according to the needs of the user, it is also necessary to consider whether the conveyor belt can withstand the pulling force at the turning part. In the mining industry, long-distance fixed belt conveyors often need to confirm whether there will be climbs, turns, etc. during the conveying process. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the bearing capacity of the conveyor belts at this time.


3. The carrying capacity of the belt conveyor is an important basis for conveying capacity, bandwidth and belt speed. Generally, the tensile force that the conveyor belt can bear is limited. If the material has a large specific gravity and the conveyor belt cannot withstand the tension generated when the conveyor equipment is running, it is easy to break the conveyor belt. At this time, the choice of the conveyor belt can be considered to be multi-layered with a steel cord core. The belt conveyor uses the form of the joint of the conveyor belt and is also related to the operation of the belt conveyor. For example, most of the conveyor belt joints at this stage use steel buckle joints, or tooth joints, vulcanized joints, etc., and some other joints.