Various forms of conveyor belt joints!

- Jun 03, 2019-

The conveyor belt is a kind of non-standard product. The equipment produced by each manufacturer of the production equipment is different. Finally, the supporting conveyor belt also has thousands of sizes and specifications, which cannot be unified, so the processing of the conveyor belt is needed. Customized production, if the use of abrasive tools in the custom production process, the cost will increase geometrically, so the conveyor belt manufacturers use hot-worked joints and steel buckle joints. Generally, the hot joints are equipped with high-temperature heat-bonding for teething. This type of joint is the best in the industry at present, and there is also a joint that is connected with steel buckles when the customer's equipment cannot be disassembled. The degree of firmness of the species is not as good as the heat connection, but it does not affect the normal use!

        XINBEX generally uses hot joints on the conveyor belt joints.

      The equipment used for the thermal connection of the XINBEX conveyor belt is the newly purchased new equipment, which can greatly improve the production efficiency.

Conveyor joint equipment

Conveyor belt hot junction