Variable and immutable belt line equipment design

- Apr 16, 2019-

Belt conveyor line conveying equipment as a non-standard product, each project, each product design has its own characteristics. This style of product design requires engineers to have a wealth of design experience in non-standard products. Through the accumulation of these experiences, we will pay attention to some details that are easily overlooked when designing the solution. Experience is very important for engineers, so today, Mingcheng Transmission will briefly discuss the variable and immutable problems in the design of conveyor line equipment.

       A major feature of non-standard products is the extreme pertinence of the equipment. There are almost no ready-made cases for each project design, even the same equipment, the same application industry, different customers, the use environment. Different, different processing processes in the production workshop, need to redesign the program that meets the requirements.


The plan for each project is definitely different, but there will be some similar content among these differences. These are the variables that are variable and immutable in the design of pipeline equipment. With regard to these, we need to explore the specifications on the plan drawings. We take the belt conveyor line as an example, and there will be diversity in the design of the equipment, but the design requirements will be more uniform, such as:

       1. Belt-specific materials used in the wire structure;

       2, the processing requirements of the parts are generally the same, and a small part is different for industry reasons;

       3. The accessories of the same type of non-standard equipment are roughly the same, but the specification design will be different.

       The most important thing in the design of the belt line conveyor is to match the customer's production environment to meet their production requirements, without the production efficiency caused by the use of assembly line equipment. Therefore, the change in design is to adapt to the new production requirements, and the constant is to explore the new requirements.