Use of Nylon Conveyor Belt In Concrete Mixing Plant

- Dec 20, 2019-

Use of Nylon Conveyor Belt In Concrete Mixing Plant(2)   The rubber conveyor belt is the main transmission component of the concrete mixing station, and the quality of the mixing station determines the production volume and production cost of the mixing station. Today's era is a fast-running era. Mechanical equipment has replaced heavy labor, and costs have been reduced, and production has increased dramatically. As an important part of the transmission raw material, the inclined belt feeding machine of the mixing station has always been the focus of the equipment of the mixing station equipment.    Nylon conveyor belt is made of multi-layer nylon canvas as tensile material. It has strong tensile strength, no delamination and small elongation. The covering rubber is processed by high-quality natural rubber. The rubber content is up to 60%. China's conveyor belt national standard : The requirement for tensile strength in GB7984-2003 is not less than 15 MPa.