Turning machine belt for food and beverage conveyor belt

- Apr 15, 2019-

First, the turning angle of the turning belt of the food conveyor belt

       The turning angle of the turning machine belt is mainly divided into: 30 degree turning, 45 degree turning, 90 degree turning, and 180 degree turning. Of course, it is also possible to customize the turning belt of different angles according to requirements.


econd, the material of the food conveyor belt turning machine belt

       Turning machine belt material: PU, PVC, PVK and other materials, with oil, abrasion, anti-static, wear-resistant and other advantages, and the use of food-grade raw materials, to achieve safe and healthy production standards.

       Third, the inner radius of the turning machine belt

Common radius specifications are: R600MM, R800MM, R1000MM, R1200MM, of course, other special specifications can be customized according to customer needs;

       Fourth, the characteristics of the turning machine belt

       In addition to changing the direction of conveying materials, the turning machine belt also effectively improves the utilization rate of the plant because of its reasonable transportation system. It effectively reduces the land occupation company and realizes the connection between the two conveyor belts. .