Tips for using sidewall conveyor belt

- Dec 18, 2019-

1. It is forbidden to use different conveyor belts together. 2. The direction in which the material is transported and the speed at which the material falls are coordinated with the belt direction and speed. 3. The empty machine is started to prevent the motor from overloading and the large-angle conveyor belt from slipping. Before the machine is stopped, the materials are completely discharged. 4. Use the rib conveyor belt to prevent folding and hard object phase pressure. It should be used and kept in a tortuous manner. 5. The tension of the rib conveyor belt should not be too large, so it should be used under the minimum tension. 6. In the operation of the rib conveyor belt, the phenomenon of slipping or pulling does not occur. The fault should be eliminated in time, the tensioning system should be dispatched, and the elastic equipment should be kept active. 7. Do not let the belt run or snake work during transportation, and adjust it in time.