The steel belt baler is not tight, what is the reason for the steel belt to break?

- Apr 27, 2019-

The steel strapping machine belongs to a type of baler, and is also tightened by a tightening wheel to realize the packaging of the object.

However, in the process of using, users often find that the baler can't be tightened sometimes.

When it appears, it is equivalent to the baler can't work at all, so how to deal with it? Because the steel strips are all

Harder and thicker, so the power requirements for the equipment are also very large, the steel belt baler is used for a long time,

Because every time it is used, it will use a lot of power, and the damage to the turbine that drives the tightening wheel inside the cylinder is very serious.


So in the steel belt baler does not tighten this problem, in addition to checking the gas source, it is still necessary to look at the degree of wear of the turbine,


It is recommended to replace it once in a while, so that the equipment is also a good maintenance, so as to produce

It also reduces some unnecessary troubles. In addition to replacing the turbine and inspecting and maintaining, there is another reason

If it is not tight, the tightening wheel is seriously worn. Generally, the embossing wear on the surface of the tightening wheel does not slip after the tightening wheel.

There is also no way to tighten this situation.