The role and classification of industrial belt punching

- May 27, 2019-

Industrial belt punching is commonly used in modern mechanical design and can be generally divided into through holes and counterbore. Conventional shapes are: round, square, diamond, elliptical, and the like. Special processing can also be carried out according to customer needs during the design process.

Green perforated conveyor belt

White perforated conveyor belt

Blue perforated conveyor belt

Green conveyor belt punching

Teflon belt

The role of punching:




Through hole: 1, suction effect, such as printing machinery, folder gluer, etc.;

  2, precise positioning, such as dumpling machine belts;

3. Drainage function, such as cleaning line conveyor belt, etc.;

Counterbore: 1. Installation accessories, such as grain machinery, hoist, etc.;

2, storage materials, such as metal parts grinding equipment, etc.

The above content divides some types and uses of punched tapes! Welcome to add and suggest, explore and progress together!