The relationship between the conveyor belt and the conveyor, as well as the precautions in use

- May 06, 2019-

In industrial production, although the conveyor belt can effectively save our manpower and material resources, but also need to pay attention to the use process, otherwise it will greatly reduce the service life of the conveyor belt, let's briefly talk about:

   In order to reduce the maximum tension in the ring-shaped heat-resistant conveyor belt matched in the belt conveyor, it is necessary to limit the total starting cylinder circumferential force generated by the driving device during the starting process, but in order to reliably control the starting process, the circumference The force can not be lower than a certain minimum, generally the following principles should be followed, especially the relatively large series of belt conveyors.


The maximum starting roller circumferential force should not exceed twice the force determined when designing the conveyor. In the most unfavourable starting condition, the load state and load distribution. In order to accelerate the material on the conveyor section, the acceleration force should be at least for this case. The main resistance is the sum of the additional resistance and the special resistance, and the belt conveyor should be able to start up within the maximum time allowed by the thermal load of the drive. The force should be transmitted slowly in the rubber conveyor belt, making the belt The conveyor is started smoothly and with as little additional dynamic tension as possible. The starting factor depends mainly on the rated torque of all the drive motors or the mechanical characteristics of the drive. It is related to the motor drive in the slewing drive and the drive in stable conditions. Some relatively small materials carry torque.

  Moreover, the belt conveyor for horizontal and upward transportation can be arranged according to the starting coefficient specified by the MINSEN conveyor belt manufacturer in the mechanical design requirements, and the required braking force should be based on the loading factor and the load in the descending section and lifting. The most unfavourable braking situation is determined by the influence of the section distribution, for which a custom travel or braking time must be given in advance.


However, when determining the braking acceleration, we must ensure that the material does not slide on the nylon conveyor belt due to excessive acceleration. When transporting small particles, we should consider making the tape and other belt conveyor components as small as possible. The stress and the brake drum are as small as possible. The special design of the frame is that as long as the material is properly placed, the material can be automatically transported to the next conveyor without any external force after the transport is completed by one transporter. The belt conveyor frame has a built-in connection mechanism, and the front end and the back end are connected to each other. The special design of the connection mechanism can realize the smooth completion of the material even if there is slight deviation, and the Octa is not equipped with the precision base. The system independently developed by the rubber conveyor belt company can also play its role very smoothly and guarantee the operation requirements.

  In addition, most of the components of each conveyor are made up of a large number of standard modules. The operator can change the length of the conveyor by changing the number of modules, so the operator can arbitrarily determine the length of the conveyor according to the maximum rated length.

  In short, XINBEX conveyor belt manufacturers recommend that the majority of users can arrange the transport route according to actual needs when selecting the movable conveyor. This method has higher flexibility and does not need to change the structure of the belt conveyor alone to meet the site. The various job requirements required.