So with the skirt conveyor belt, the equipment will be destroyed, and quickly corrected

- Apr 23, 2019-

Nowadays, in the production process of enterprises, customers have more and more demand for skirt conveyor belts. There have been many problems in the process of use, and even the whole production line has been discontinued, which is more distressing. The following small series will share with you:

1, skirt baffle conveyor belt deviation

   Conveyor belt deviation often occurs in the production process, then we have added the function of the guide strip to prevent deviation in the production of conveyor belt. Through the auxiliary adjustment of the guide bar, the damage of the conveyor belt to the conveyor belt itself is effectively solved, and the service life is prolonged.

2, the skirt baffle with skirt off

   Skirt detachment often occurs in the use of conveyor belts. Our company has designed a seamless mold by improving the skirt mold, widening the width of the skirt base to make the skirt more firm, and we used the skirt joint part. The ring joint mode discards the original thermal bonding process and effectively reduces the possibility of skirt falling off.

3, the skirt baffle with the baffle off

   The baffle shedding often occurs during the use of conveyor belts. Our company provides professional pre-sales selection services according to the different usage environments of our customers. We have a complete set of detachable molds to ensure the processing fastness of the baffle. According to the actual situation, we recommend customers to use our own self-developed baffles (the advantages of self-made baffles a, the middle of the yarn layer, to ensure the self-fastness of the baffle , b, homemade matching mold, to ensure that the baffle does not fall off during use)


XINBEX has the following advantages in customizing the skirting strap:

   1. With excellent acid resistance, our raw material formula is reasonable, no need to return materials, secondary materials, and no impurities. Guarantee the stability of raw materials, do a good job, and accumulate reputation;

   2. The company has a complete set of processing and connection equipment to ensure the fastness of the joints of our conveyor belts, ensuring the production efficiency of customers and reducing the cost of use of customers;

   3. I have developed a skirt processing solution to solve the problem of unsightly and non-durable delamination of the original joint. The non-marking mold ensures the tightness of the skirt and prolongs the service life of the conveyor belt;

   4. We have a complete set of detachable baffle molds to ensure the customer's individual needs, the baffle is firm, our baffle can have a variety of choices (standard PVC baffle, self-made belt tension layer baffle);