Requirements for industrial belts in the printing and paper industry

- Apr 27, 2019-

Paper is our commonly used recording tool and also a consumable. Printing and papermaking is a traditional industry in China, and it is also an important basis for witnessing the history and culture of China in 5,000 years.

    With the changes of the times, although Huaxia papermaking still remains, most of the paper is now produced through industrial manufacturing. Since it is the production of mechanical automation, it is naturally inseparable from industrial belts. In our contact with customers, we found that there are hundreds of types of paper and cardboard quality because of the characteristics of the objects being transported or the machinery. Therefore, the quality characteristics of paper and paperboard have an important influence on the selection of the belt.


After years of understanding of XINBEX, we have summarized the following requirements for the special conveyor belt for the paper printing industry:

    It needs to have excellent wear resistance, stability, gentleness, and a reliable coefficient of friction. It does not miss the paper being conveyed, leaving no marks on the paper, and not scratching the paper (even if there is a belt and paper moving relative to each other). Paper cutting section of the paper folding machine). The type of paper has an important influence on the type of printing ink. It must be able to run at high speed, and it needs to be reversely bent and too small. When changing the humidity of the ring, the belt will not be deformed, the operation will not be reversed, and the reliable belt interface The system does not attract dust and has a long service life.


Main motor belt: common specifications 12PL4622, 12PL4700, 9PJ490 and 25PJ580. Timing belt: commonly used models 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, T5, T10, L type, H type, XL, XH and so on. Variable speed belt: common specifications 28 × 900, 28 × 950 and 2926V series. Imported printing machine receiving belt: common specifications 20mm wide × 34 holes, 14mm wide × 35 holes, 38mm wide × 30 holes. Dusting machine belt: common specifications 460 × 12mm and 490 × 12mm, etc.