PVC conveyor belt with the basic knowledge

- Aug 10, 2017-

PVC conveyor belt to get to believe that most people will use, you can use the installation, seemingly simple use of the method also have the skills to master the basic knowledge of the use of conveyor belt to ensure the correct use of methods to extend the service life of the conveyor belt.

Improve the basic knowledge of the use of PVC conveyor belt, on the basis of the existing higher access to the operation method, before the wrong operation can be corrected to avoid the same problem again, so that work more smoothly.

When the twist factor of the material is increased, that is, the twist is increased, like the wire is wound into a spiral spring, the more the number of turns, the lower the modulus, the better the fatigue resistance. For canvas, to improve the twist of the yarn, and to improve the latitude and curl of the canvas, like a steel wire bent like water ripple, so that the wire has become the same with the spring, reducing the modulus of the material Fatigue resistance is improved.

The greater the amount of compression, the more easy the material fatigue, the greater the damage to the material damage. The higher the modulus of the material, the more the need to improve the twist to reduce the modulus of the material to improve its fatigue resistance.